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50 miles on the clock......With some early observations.

1) The tone has not changed since install. Same mellower tone as compared to the PC-5/AT fueled bike.

2) The bike does NOT show the early low mpg numbers that the DJ fueled bike did, during first few gears.

3) MPG is hard to calculate, as I am riding like a hooligan to try to gauge the performance, but after 50 miles, the clock says 50 mpg. I don't thing that really means anything, as I am riding like an idiot.....albeit a rather happy one....

3) I am still on setting #7 to establish a base feel.

4) I have lost power. No if's but's, or when's..... I have lost power. How much..... I'd say this puts it back to stock fuel, with header, and pipe...... IE.... stock fuel. That does not necessarily concern me at this point as, one.... It is still
adapting.....and, Two..... I am at a 14.1 AFR...... which is less than I was at before. Mind you, that even after I ended up at 14 AFR with the dynojet, I think it was running richer than that.

5) The only time it behaves as good as the DJ fueled bike, is at 60 mph in 6 gear, and you WOT the bike..... same pull

6) Off idle burble ( hop) is more noticeable, and I do not like that. I know I have a Rekluse clutch in there, but it annoys the hell out of me. I am hoping that will minimize as I go lower AFR.

7) Throttle response is not as crisp as before, hands down. It is now somewhat muffled, and hard to id the crisp onset, when opening the throttle, and not WOT, but either. Nowhere it should be.

8) I now get a double pop at 2800-3000 rpm on decel, as SAS engages, with the DJ I would occasionally get a single pop.

This sounds like a boat load of trouble, but it is really not. I am encouraged to as what I see so far. I am a straight shooter, that deliver the news as they are. I do not bias anything. My personal thinking is that all the above symptoms are just of a too lean fueled bike, and it just needs more fuel in my app, as open headers, and pipe have shown they perform, with correct fueling. So with that said, I will ride another 50-100 miles on #7 and then go to #8, for a 13.8 AFR, and see what happens.


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