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Originally Posted by kČ. View Post
my thoughts
*gravity at standstill is way higher, almost tipped it pushing it off the sidestand, I'm 1.92m so it wasn't short legs
I've always taken mine off the center stand before getting on..

Originally Posted by kČ. View Post
*doesn't dive under heavy braking
- Something I WONT miss from the BMW..

Originally Posted by kČ. View Post
but can I live without the vibrations of the 950?
won't I regret the roar from both Wings exhausts?
I'll probably go for the Wings exhaust as this one really sucks
I think they are very well built and quality wise better than Akras

I think the heat issue will be solved with the exhaust as it was on the 950 where it is the passenger melting with the original exhausts
It will provide some vibes but in a good way.. ;)

Go for the wings, I cannot comment on how much I love this exhaust, With no baffle in its louder than any other bike I've pulled up next too
The heat issue unfortunately isn't fixed by the exhaust, It doesn't bother me too much though it only gets warm when stopped at lights/intersections..
The video doesnt do it justice on how loud it is..

Originally Posted by kČ. View Post
I can' t help but comment some guy who thought the missus wasn't seated comfortably, the handlebars not in the right place, the filler cap annoyingly in the middle and the suspension rubbish cause it went all the way...
did he test the bike at all before buying?
about suspension, I weigh in at a (not so) healthy 120+ and tested the bike with my woman on the back... we had a couple of jumps but never anything bottomed out ... makes you wonder ...
Maybe his mrs is fat? LOL.. I'm a good 95kg and my mrs is 50kg and over jumps and everything the suspenion was fine with no bottoming out..(except the whinging for not warning her ;) ) I can tell you the suspension is 1000% better than any BMW
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