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Sunday 6th October

I forgot to update you on the fate of our injured bikes and their riders the previous day: Gareth was lucky and got his brake line fixed in Castelo Branco. He also had his rear tyre replaced although he may have as well carried on, as he hadn't noticed the damage until the mechanic pointed it out to him... All inclusive for €100, IIRC, which is not a bad price at all.

Rick was not so fortunate with the repair of his Husaberg fork - no replacement was available and so he carefully rode his bike back to Bragança and then headed home to Old Blighty... Thus the Anthill Mob was down to eight.

We won't go into detail about what happened during the night...

... because "what happens in Monsanto stays in Monsanto..."

Another crisp blue morning, just as you expect when waking up in Portugal...

We admired the views

... and now you, dear Reader, can enjoy the views, too...

Here's Famous spoiling the only picture I took at the breakfast table...

Then we got ready for another day of adventure

These public wells are really great - I guess we must have them in England, too, I just never looked for them before

Estela watching our progress...

... and kindly taking pictures of us in return

I couldn't go without exploring this beautiful place further, so I let the boys shoot off

... and climbed up to the castle - while keeping a close eye on the village of Relva down on the plain...

... where the lads soon came into view

The footpath I'd chosen was not the main one...

... and a lot longer than expected

Fires had been raging here...

... not that long ago - the grapes had already been ripe

I find it a very comforting thought that life always finds a way back and that Earth was, is and will be able to survive the greatest catastrophes - even us...

At some point I left the sign-posted path and just climbed straight up the hill - completely covered in black smut by the time I reached the castle

... but the views were well worth it

The Romanesque Capela de São Miguel

... and the impressive fortress it belongs to

The strategic position was even better than Monsanto's

One of the town's quieter neighbourhoods

There was the obelisk...

... that you may remember from the previous day

Even at the risk of boring you again, here are a few more sights from the top of the hill

St Michael's Chapel from above - and the highly controversial telephone mast

Spot the archway from earlier...

And another one

On the way down I used the more popular route

Past the restaurant we had dined in the evening before...

... the historic tavern...

... and suddenly I realised it was already siesta o'clock and high time to leave Monsanto if I wanted to see the boys again that day (and some more of Portugal, obviously)

So I vacated our beautiful room, bought some local art from the gallery, said 'adeus' to the two lovely Estelas and hit the road north towards Almeida.

To be continued...
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