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Any effort to provide self-sufficient low-cost, and environmentally sound energy to people who do not have access to electricity or have to pay money they don't have to private foreign corporation for access, is a step in the right direction. The only problem is that there is no money in it...

The Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) is one of the organization at the forefront of initiatives of that nature
Yup, it all comes with some kind of cost and the problem is that the people who most need these solutions are also the least likely to have hard cash or even to live in a society where currency is the medium of exchange. The solar oven company seems very open to the idea of supplying kits to a locally-owned or community-owned factory where they could be assembled geographically close to the people who need them; and they even have a very large model that is intended to function as a bakery, thus producing a product the people could sell at a market.....BUT....even producing the kits has a cost. (and the bakery oven idea only works if the people proposed to use it have baked goods as part of their culture). I still keep thinking how much better it would be all around if a government, say the US govt, was thought of as the country that made it possible for them to improve their lives with solar ovens or cranked radios rather than the country that sold helos or AR-15s. IIRC this was one of the things that Kwitney concluded in his book, that the US would be better off providing humanitarian aid wherever it is needed rather than trying to "predict the winner" and supply him with guns and ammo....etc.

Hope your "Day of the Aduana" (lol like the reference...."Night of the ....") went well. Looking forward to your approach toward getting past "the gap".

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