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Inserting Waypoints


Regarding HomerJ's request...short answer, NO. We haven't made any headway on inserting WP along an existing route at a specific distance.

However: on our short list of feature development is the ability to include manually dropped GPS Waypoints within a GPX route file when importing a route into Navigator. As you ride along, simply drop a Waypoint in your GPS at a specific location (a ditch or road intersection) and that Waypoint will be automatically included in the route when it opens in Navigator as part of the GPX Import.

Sort of achieves the same thing, you just have to gather the Waypoint locations in the field before importing them to Navigator.

Other stuff on our short list:
  • Narrow Format Dual Sport Roll Charts - 2 inches wide
  • Ability to "Show or Hide" the roadbook image to open up more screen real estate to the Map image
  • Advancing Waypoints with the arrow keys
  • Ability to Delete multiple Track Points
  • Processing credit cards
  • Facebook and Google log-in
Alright - now we will see how all of that comes together.

While I have you - is anybody still having trouble saving routes??

Any other feature requests??

Thanks for the feedback so far - it appreciated!
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