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Another time... Riding not far West of Wickenburg... just kinda cow-trailing... free style riding. Just going from Point A to B. Not following any particular trail or road. Came upon this mess in the desert
It seems that sometime I'm guessing 50 or 60 years ago someone buried a bunch of junk here. Looked like a household dump sight with several machine parts, boots, your name it buried here. Well... scavengers found the spot looking for ? ? ? Digging down 4 or 5 feet, where things were buried. Discarding unwanted items all around the hole and leaving them. Not taking the time to scoop them back in the hole.
This kind of thing does not set-real-well with me. Just the same as people now dumping in the desert as far as I'm concerned. I guess this is the ugly side of "civilization".

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