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Originally Posted by bh321 View Post
nice job on the win.
must have been all those high quality carbs!

I'd be interested to hear more about your diet/workout routine. Do you ride/train with a heart rate monitor?

I've been mostly paleo too for the last five months or so. My energy levels feel so much better on the bike it's not even funny, despite carrying a pretty big calorie deficit while trying to drop some weight.
Sorry for delay in response. It's been a hectic few weeks. Thanks for the congrats. It felt good to see positive results. Now I gotta keep the momentum moving forward.

Diet has been a loose paleo\primal diet. I probably still eat stuff that aren't "legit". We (my wife and I) drink milk, though we get raw milk from Guernsey Cows. I don't drink it unless I'm having some cereal....the crap is expensive. We try to cut out sugar, though it's damn near impossible to 100% cut it out. I try to limit my intake of sugars to when I know I'm going to burn the stuff right away. I've got a hell of a sweet tooth, so.....I'll just say that I slip on occasion .

I like you have found a great boost in my energy. I can tell when I haven't eaten properly. The downside is that my body is a bit less tolerant of eating crappy foods now. I could have worse problems, but when out on riding trips, or looking for a quick\easy meal...things get tricky.

I haven't given up beer, though I don't drink too much. I've found I like the wine my wife gets, but I can drink that far too quickly for my own good.

Regarding working out.......I've been far too slack with it as of late. I've convinced myself that spending a couple hours at the skatepark is a good workout of some sort. It's not high cardio, but does work on my balance, coordination, and all that crap. Plus jumping around on the concrete for a few hours helps keep the muscles sorted.

I plan to do a 3x a week rowing sessions, but since the ground isn't completely snow covered, I'm less than excited about sitting there dedicating free time to it. Beyond that....I dunno.

I guess for the next month or so I'm taking mental time off from thinking about much of anything dirtbike related.


PS - I can say that last weekend after test riding a GasGas 300 & Husky 310, I'm even more confused on my bikes. I rode like the wind on the GasGas, The Husky felt phenomenal, and then getting back on my WR afterwords, I was able to ride it faster than ever before.
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