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Small back roads took me to Penamacor again

... where I filled up with fuel and then employed the assistance of a friendly quad driver to adjust my chain. The fact that I couldn't move the rear axle at all and that the young man had to organise a hammer to shift the chain adjuster by two notches, should have rang the alarm bells that something wasn't quite right here...

But in my ignorance of the art of motorcycle maintenance, I was just grateful for the help I'd received and happily carried on towards the town of Almeida

Arriving at our destination for the day, I almost immediately spotted Famous who had already found and sorted accommodation in the Residencial Morgada

He paid for all our rooms upfront to make it easier for the elderly lady who ran the B&B and I ensured that all chambers (apart from Possu's and mine, of course) had twin and not double beds - that's very important for English men I've learnt on my travels with them. Soon said Englishmen arrived from their day on the lanes

Possu demonstrated what you should do to your bike after a hard day's trail riding on a regular basis - why didn't I pay more attention?

Estacionamento seguro in the basement of our Residencial

This photo is for Timpolino...

... who has the same model in one of his many garages...

... and promptly struck up a conversation with its owner

The boys probably hadn't been allowed a break the whole day long; so after getting showered and changed they headed straight for the next bar. Although it felt a bit antisocial, I was more interested in exploring the historic town of

As you can see, Almeida is a thoroughly fortified citadel with broad moats, extremely thick walls and relatively small gates

Wide stairs lead up to the fortifications allowing for a maximum of troups and their mobility...

... in order to defend the town...

... and the citizens inside

Corpo da Guarda Principal - Main Guard Corps building by night

I walked to the other side of Almeida and another gate in the surrounding wall - you can see how well-considered the defence features are laid out

It was a bit spooky passing the churchyard in the dark - but I always think: what is there to be afraid of? Who in their right mind would wander around the town at this time of the night - apart from me?

Still, I was glad when I reached the more illuminated part of Almeida again

Then it was high time to join the lads for dinner - and guess what: dead animals were on the menu once more! At least accompanied by some vitamins this time...

Food and drinks were delicious, the service exceptional and Matt's recollection of the day's shenanigans highly amusing...

... and now is the time, dear Reader, to reveal the main ingredients of the famous 'Book of Truth'

Rumour has it that plenty of those were still served after Possu and I had left the party, but we wanted to be well-rested to face the adventures that lay ahead. As if we both had a premonition of what would happen the next day...

To be continued
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