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Enjoy the little DR- They look like useful bikes, just a little outside of my world. I bet the DS tires will give you a lot more possibilities.
I'll PM you my email, keep it on file until you're close to graduating. I still have plenty of friends / contacts who can print your resume out and put it on my old boss' desk.

Tips: Passion, Diversity, Can-do (even if you're not sure how) attitude. Persistence. Having hobbies that you can turn into a job.

In other news, I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off to go ride. Hope to get some good photos & find some new areas!
I hear ya, getting a dual sport was the only way I could mentally compromise with my mom. Me justifying that I would use it for more offroad let her be at ease haha then I just convinced myself after that was the route to go. I will be planning a trip to Georgia somewhere and go exploring soon.

And man that would be amazing! Thank you so much honestly, just offering your e-mail as a resource is huge to me right now. I previously e-mailed Brammo for upcoming internship opportunities but they told me nothing was available at the time. I will e-mail you right now so you can know my e-mail as well but I will most certainly keep your information for the future, I'm a sophomore now but things are good so far!

Sorry for the block writing ^ that was my inner excitement taking over haha, and please post some more photos with your bike in them as well!

Thanks again man, I really appreciate it.
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