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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
I'm basing it of of interviews like this one and my views which are the same if not harsher on aging.
it certainly is a young mans game. the $64,000 question is what is it that separates the guys who have a realistic chance of winning from the guys who fill out the 5th through 15th spots. I find the whole dynamic fascinating now that I've been following closely for a few years and can put faces to names again. watching the guys who consistently get good starts (top 5) and watching the replays of first turns is . some of those guys just don
t freaking let off. when I see our local guys obviously shutting down way before the first turn and conceding a back of the pack start it boggles my mind. even at the pro level guys know the pecking order it seems. why is Ciancaruolo finding it so easy to run well with the top riders on the planet? the mental games that go on inside some of these heads must be intense. look at Barcia, he may rub a lot of people the wrong way but you can't deny the guys committment to winning, and for the most part I think he's fairly clean, that guy wharton used to just take people out on a regular basis it seems. good riddance if he's lost his ride. at least Barcia's ends justify his means. but fittness and trick bike parts all go out the window on the starting line. I think Reed still has what it takes to not back off through the first turn and that in itself should be enough to give him a chance. he may not win the title but if he can win a few mains this year I think thats somewhat a success. can't wait till it starts and to see how Tomac runs. once again the top 5 will be crowded with 7-8 guys.
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