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Nothing else to talk about in this thread so how about some genuine offseason nonsense?

With the motorcycle market still suffering and so many other places for fans to spend money, I don't see either AMA Pro Road Racing or AMA Pro Flat Track returning to their glory days anytime soon, if ever. I propose the AMA combine the the road racing and flat track championships along the lines of the old Grand National Championship. Both disciplines are struggling to put together full schedules. Both need more participants, more money, more events, more fans and televison viewers.

Short list of pros:
- More events
- Much of the top talent in road racing has dirt track experience
- Could possibly kick-start interest from ostracized fan base(s).
- Existing road racing and flat track teams could join forces to share costs/expertise
- Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, KTM brands are represented in both series. Yamaha could suggest using their new 700cc parallel twin
- Maybe a place for Pro Supermoto among with the short track/TT singles events (really, really dreaming here but I LOVE supermoto)

Short list of cons:
- Class structure could be too confusing for attention-deficit America
- Limited road race experience for much of the top flat track talent
- No place for HD on the road race side (BIG problem)
- Existing teams would not want to share resources or give up control of any aspect of their programs and building a new set of bikes for the "other half" of the championship is prohibitively expensive
- Just a plain dumb idea

I would have put this in the Flat Track thread but I already know what FT fans would say.

Could this could work? Would it be a step in the wrong direction? What say you?
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