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I made my planned escape from work today only a few minutes behind schedule. Almost got hung up with a circuit board troubleshoot, then packing up solidworks files for quote & prototyping.

I headed out towards Sharon CT, knowing that it was a good destination to avoid major highways.

Got this surprise early on- I think they must have been making good use of the cold nights to make snow!

Continued on past Wononpakook (had to post google that one) lake.

Then continued to attempt to find my way to the meeting point of NY, CT, and MA. Canvassing the area with my GPS on seems to show that it's somewhere at a top of a hill. Hm. Not for me on the F8R.

Rode a bit further, wandering through southwest MA.

This was a new one for me. Snowmobile-only bridge.

And the promise of..Curves?

Reality wasn't as good as promised, but it was still an enjoyable stretch of road.

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