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Uhhh... so I'm slightly late to the game here but what's the latest funklab? I see you've been logged in as recently as this past July... what's new with school? did you/are you getting out on that Harley trike? Is traveling through a Spanish speaking country still in the plans?
You were a couple years late to the game, so I don't feel extra bad about being a couple months late on this reply

Still doin the school thing... 18 more months and I can change my screen name to Dr funklab, but then there's the whole residency gig for at least 3 years. It's tough going, this med school thing... keeps ya busy. I still have the Harley and I took it out for several rides, but in all honesty I haven't so much as laid eyes on her in over a year, she's locked up in a storage unit three hours from where I live at the moment. Last time I took I dropped in to take her out for a ride, the Harley disagreed with me. Seems that gas shouldn't be left in an old bike for months on end. I've never had a bike that I didn't ride for months on end, but then again I've never been this busy before... live and learn I guess.

Traveling thru a spanish speaking country or twelve is still on the agenda, but my time is spoken for... at least for the next 6-7 years. That being said I'm having a great time doing what I'm doing. I'd still love to get back out on the road, and plan to do so, but apparently I need to do some growing up first (read that as getting a job that pays money, instead of school that tends to have the opposite effect on one's finances).

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That's awesome - the story continues!
Summer of 2012 I took a road trip (in a car unfortunately) out your way...

Camped out by Meredith lake in Texas

which ain't much of a lake any more...

Drove up some crazy volcano in New Mexico and got caught in a thunderstorm at the top


Saw this big hole in the ground from the north rim this time.

Then drove over to Yellowstone where the wildlife apparently doesn't give a shit that people are four feet away snapping photos...

With the obligatory visit to that geyser...

...and a peek inside the lodge nearby which was really quite impressive... they don't build lobby's like this anymore...'s a terrible photo, but the Old Faithful Inn is a pretty cool building. As you can imagine it costs a pretty penny to stay there as well, so we camped outside with the buffalo and grizzlies.

Drove a few thousand miles in-between and there and back.

Well at least if I'm going to bump an ancient ride report I posted a couple more photos

I've been dreaming up new trips lately... I'll have to see if I can peel off some time over the holidays and get the old harley running again. It's a damn shame to be reduced to riding a harley, but it's even worse to have one sitting around and not ride it.

I'll see ya'll again in another couple years... or maybe sooner

My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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