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Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
Super sad. A F*#king spectator made a trap at mile marker 796. He hit the trap and suffered a major head trauma. He was in the lead of the 881 mile long race. 85 miles left only. Sad. He died in transit to the hospital apparently. Curt was the most down to earth, humble, and nicest guy in off road racing in my opinion. Our community has suffered a great loss at the hands of a petty, piece of s%*t human being or group of human beings.

One theory I have is that someone or a group of people bet a large sum of money that the JCR Honda team would win and they weren't going to let Caselli and KTM take the victory. Another possibility is it was another race team that planted the trap. More than likely, though, it was just an f'd up asshole that set the trap for no reason whatsoever. Whoever it was needs to be tried for murder. However, as LSHD said, it's Mexico and nothing will happen.

So much potential. So much lost.

RIP Curt. You will be missed.
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