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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Now that you have decided on which bag, is there anything that you would like to put in the tankbag that will no longer fit? And where will you put it? (perhaps I am jumping the gun and you are working on those... ).
No...nothing else, I really need to put in the tankbag...but you can always fill up the available space. The bigger the bag the more flopping around you get...really wanted to avoid that on the 640. I have a bigger Marsee on my GS (and it does flop around) but it has some electronic components in there that take up alot of space...I'm forgoing the electronic stuff on the KTM though...less is more, is the moto with this bike.

Tools...that's the next thing on the list...right now I've just got them tied to the rear rack in a duffle bag. I've got some ideas about making a dual set of skidplate toolboxes...I've mocked up a few prototypes at 1/2 scale in wood...and I am gathering the necessary supplies for a full scale attempt soon.
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