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Slovakia with a novice kamikaze rider! learning to fall off

So after finishing off the mini bar i collapsed on the chair at the desk and awoke in the morning with the map stuck to my face, after making my way down to breakfast still in my riding gear (Boots & trousers) i noticed the hotel was basically empty due to it being out of season with only a few Czech tourists knocking about. During breakfast i could see the young girl who was working here curiously looking at me and then looking out the window at the sputnik explorer (DRZ)

She came over and sat next to me and we had a good conversation and i told here where i planned to go and she asked where the rest of my group is?

I said your looking at it this is a one man show pointing proudly at myself with my thumb and then pointing out towards my bike saying " just me and the Sputnik Explorer"

She then walked off with a surprised but disapproving smile, after about eleven teen cups of coffee i then checked out and headed to the Tatras mountains.

To be fair i never really planned a route in my hotel as i got to smashed and i was still not getting to grips with my GPS (this GPS was soon to became redundant) so i just started looking for off the track route which would take me up high, after riding around for a few hours and then trying to ride up the route of some ski lifts which always came to a dead end for the bike i deiced to head more further East.

I then started to ride along grass fields and other small tracks, offcourse making the route up as i go along

Then i came across a track heading up so i rode it, i said to myself i would only go for 1 hour so i knew my way back but this one hour soon grew to a few hours and i had changed direction many times so now i did not fully know where i was but it was good fun so i carried on, i wanted a adventure right? not a ride around the M25 (motorway around London in the UK)

I saw a lot of tree trunk cuttings and assumed this was a logging route into the mountains?

The tracks would change from gravel routes to very leafy and muddy routes and the mud would stick to the MEFO tires and as i mentioned i had very little on road motorbike experience as i was a total novice having only just passed my test from leaving England and with regards to any offroad experience apart from the one time i rode my 50cc Honda MT5 down the local woods when i was 16 and jumped a grass hill to try impress the girls that were watching Eddy the Eagle style which ending in smashing my foot brake lever and bending my kick start lever as well as heavily denting my pride this was it.

I was making it up as i went along so this happened a few times

The first fall was weird and i had the heart in my mouth feeling but after many falls i soon got very use to this and it just became a normal part or my day and my riding style which on my trip would happening at least once every 3 days which you will see throughout this ride report and also i have a few video clips that i will post when i get to this part of the report

I also soon realized i had prepared my DRZ well for falls and all types of impact as i read many blogs of peoples trips, before leaving i had fitted the following

Fitted engine case saver plates= read about a guy who fell off and smashed the side engine case in the UK, its a show stopper!

Fitted Radiator guards/braces= read about a girl who's DRZ radiator got holed in Kazakhstan and engine locked up, another show stopper

Fitted a thick bash plate with lower engine side protection= DRZ Tough mile lads had a big off in South America where there thinner bash plate split and engine case cracked, was a show stopper but they got it fixed as there was no stopping those guys!

I also fitted heavy duty hand guards that had metal bars built in with short bendy back clutch & brake levers as twice on my motorbike training lessons for my test i dropped the bandit 600 (guess who had to buy lunch after this for the instructors) learner bike which on both occasions needed new levers, a front brake lever is not a problem but a clutch lever is a show stopper.

My trusty DRZ was a strong as a Russian T34 Tank

And i keeped going following the tracks for most of the day, however i soon found myself in a very sticky situation which would be my first real lesson of the trip...................................

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