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Originally Posted by TheDrifter View Post
Amazing how paranoid some people are...

Yeah, it's dangerous out there on the road on a bike. Life is dangerous, though.

I've had second thoughts about encouraging loved ones to ride, but...if they enjoy it, all the better. I don't want them to get hurt, but on the other hand, anything else they do has the possibility of getting them hurt or killed as well.

As far as encouraging your kids to ride - learning, real learning at least, cannot occur without making a few mistakes, getting hurt, and experiencing things for ones self. You are doing your kids a disservice by protecting them in a bubble. If they want a street bike? Eh, fine. Teach them as well as you can, and let 'em go.

I was brought up in a VERY protected environment. It didn't help me - in fact, it hurt me. Do your kids a favor, and don't shelter them. Seriously.
I think it's just an honest question about a valid concern. Not paranoia. I've personally tasted the tremendous pain of loss of a close loved one due to a vehicle crash so the consideration of this issue is very "real" to me. A couple of pics of my youngest son in his protective bubble :) :



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