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What can you do in a little and quiet village like Peaceful Bay if the weather is not that good? Not much except: writing a new Blog post, read a book, have a chat with other campers or inspect the bike for lose bolts.
But than I had an idea I could try to give myself a new haircut. I have never done it before by myself, but I think the Australian barbers will be too expensive for a whole year.


Not too bad and now the hair won’t get that sticky by the mosquito repellant because there is a lot less hair :)

At some stage I got bored of Peaceful Bay and so I decided to have my first day of ride in the rain in Australia so far. As a destination I had chosen the town of Albany. I had rain the whole ride and for the rest of the day.

Because of the rain I had time to look for a new rain jacket and a new wallet. But I did not like the offered rain jackets they were all way too long and to expensive so I decided my old one would be good enough because it was only leaking a little bit.
I was more successful with the wallet because loosening coins all the times really sucks.
The weather was getting better so I went out to have a look at the surroundings of my campground at Emu Point.

Later I visited the biggest museum in town. Luckily there was no art at all :)
It is the old Princess Royal Fortress a military base located on the summit of Mount Adelaide. The fortress was established to protect the harbour of Albany and you get good view from up there.

Two days in Albany have been enough for me so was to go to a nice beach and camp there. I had the choice between Norman’s Beach and Betty’s Beach so I obviously choose Betty’s Bay :)

Beautiful spot but really windy so it gets a little bit cold.
That’s why I left the next day to go into the hinterlands.

I nearly spend to whole day crossing the Wheatbelt, Western Australia’s breadbasket. Except of gigantic wheat fields you can see sheep breeding in this region as well.
With a short night stop in Lake Grace the destination of my ride was the town Hyden.
Most tourists only go there to see the famous Wave Rock.

I did it as well as I already was in town but the main reason I went to Hyden is the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail, a 300 km long mainly gravel road from Hyden to Norseman.

I wanted to have driving enjoyment and I definitely got it.

Along the dirt road there a several free campgrounds so I used the chance to stay at one of them in complete loneliness. You hear nothing but the wind and some animals.

After a short sightseeing in Norseman at the next morning I decided to go back to the cost. But why should I use a big road when there is a small dashed line, the Lake King Norseman Road, in my map? So again 200 km of 4wd track to get to Lake King.

This time the dirt track was not in a good condition and I had to gear down. That’s why it took me 4 hours to finish the 200 km.
But I came through the Frank Hann National Park and saw a lot of wild flowers.

The town Lake King turned out to be a little bit cheerless so I went on further south to Ravenshorpe.
Because of my slow riding on the dirt road the bike just used 11.5 liters of gasoline for the ~340 km from Norseman to Ravenshhorpe – not bad.
The next day first took me to the little coastal town Hopetoun and from there to a nice beach camp spot.

Exploring Australia Ride Report

Where am I ? Exploring Australia
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