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Poland short but sweet and very friendly people!

Poland's National Flag

It was very dark by the time I made it to the Polish town of Zakopane and once there I found a Mc Donald’s to use the free wifi, as I rode to park my bike near the window I never spotted the high curb and as I hit it my DRZ got alittle air time and I skidded right next to the window in a uncontrolled manner but I pretended I was meant to do this as I got off playing it cool.

I had parked next to a group of kids on scooter around 16 or so, they seemed really friendly and we started speaking about bikes and they asked where I was staying, I told them Im not sure and one young guy said I can stay at his house as he is staying with his friends tonight (or girlfriend) so I followed him back and parked my bike outside and he spoke to his dad who came out and he seemed to have had a few drinks so once inside I joined him, although I could not speak Polish or he English it was a better night than I would have had back home in any pub and I started to get very good at this game of hand charades to commutate with people.

After my fair share of straight Vodka I fell into another Alcoholic induced coma. In the morning I was Woken up early for a full breakfast and discussed my route to Ukraine which with various hand gestures he suggested I go to Lublin and cross over there so I set off to Lublin

Free home stay in Zakopane as i was a guest of a young scooter kid

Prepping the bike to go

So i then headed to Lublin

On route i came across a bike shop and stopped to get a oil change and no longer had i rolled in the guys made me a cup of coffee and not only changed the oil but cleaned it all with muck off and oiled the chain also, after talking about what i plan to see in Ukraine and the Carpathian mountains they also suggested i should follow the Carpathian mountains all the way down into Romanian also so i thought why not..?

Bike shop in Poland, very nice fine gentlemen i must admit

Finally the Sputnik Explorer gets a drink also

So i then set off again heading to Lublin and got there late in the day and found my self lost in a residential area some how, well a lot of people where walking around as it was around 6pm so must of been coming back from work and one fine gentleman i saw i asked if there was any wifi cafes near by so i could check for somewhere to stay, he did not speak 100% English so called his wife who came down and soon i found my self in there flat as they said i could use there wifi

Well before i knew it it would be pizza washed down with some of this

They then suggest i should put my bike in there garage and i stayed the night which was very kind of them so i did however i got no sleep as i was dreaming of Ukraine all night, Finally i will be out of the EU i could not wait!!!

I really liked this family a lot, well in the morning we said are good byes however they then showed me the way to the road i must take to the border as now i was only using my GPS as a speedo for KM read out as i never figured out how to change my DRZ display from MPH to KM

Photos of in the morning when we said our goodbyes, a very nice family

So on route from Lublin in Poland to the Ukrainian border

As i approached the border i stopped to take it all in, i felt like a kid who had his Christmas & birthday on the same day, i felt a little nervous but in a good way abit like that feeling you get on your first ever date as a teenager, i felt like i had won the lottery, I felt alive and would not change my place for anyone in the world at this moment in time

I felt like this Kid whilst sitting looking at the Ukraine border post on my trusty Sputnik Explorer !!!!!!!!

The Ukraine border from a distance

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