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Originally Posted by Mehaniotis View Post
Are you making this stuff up as you go.:>)
I'm finding it hard to believe what I'm reading.
I'm not a drinking man but in your honor I will have a shot of single malt,maybe two.
To your health and safe trip.
Hi Mehaniotis I can fully assure you with the word of a gentleman it is all true and 90% of the people i met and stayed with are now friends on my facebook page so once this blog really starts rolling (as this is nothing yet) i will post the link there with a message to them all so they can also join in on this blog and i hope comment also.

Im still in touch with most of the people i meet and only just this week returned from Kyrgyzstan & Russia where i caught up with friends i made on this trip just as a basic tourist on foot with no motorbike, as i said at the beginning of this blog i have made new friends for life. Im currently working on a rotaion now back offshore on oil/gas rigs so on my time off i am continuing my travels throughout winter as a basic tourist on foot and public transport until the snow melts in Central Asia next year then im back on the road and reunited with my faithful Sputnik Explorer

I found out as alone rider people really embrace you more

The events that happen on this bike trip is just another day in the office for me as i mentioned at the beginning of the trip on the second page at the tender age of 30 i have done many things in my life and lived a full life and have traveled alot, on my travels i always try stay and live with local people of the grid.

You cant surprise me and also im hard to impress and just take it all in my stride

Its just they way my life has been and i would not change it for the world, im very lucky in life, maybe because i am Optimism. i would say i am a easy go lucky type of guy who puts alot of trust in people however i also know kung fu

I have had far more andvetures in my life than this trip however as per the forums rules i cant post them here and to be fair i would not want to

I WesleyDRZ400 quote article 2 from the ADV ride report rules

2. It’s about Motorcycle Ride Reports, ok?

• Not about car, truck, train, quad, snowmobile, airplane, helicopter, bicycle, ski, skateboard, walking, jogging, business trips, pets, or animals. Did we miss any? If you’ve got some of these, post ‘em in Jo Momma: Shiny Things forum, that’s where the Fluff goes.

Being a motor biker has totally changed my outlook on life and also me as a person and i am glade i am part of this massive world wide family.

I thank you for having a shot of single malt in my honor ( I would prefer it if you had 2 shots) however i must tell you im now a Vodka straight man myself

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