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Originally Posted by herrdirektor View Post
However, I didn't hear much about issues with the MP3/Audio function. My Nav IV is a poor performer. MP3/Nav experiences hiccups with pairing and with the sound. I use two different BT adapters and get the same stupid behaviour from the unit. Usually the "fun" start after half an hour of music with increasing interrupts until the audio simply stops. Switching the unit off/on helps for a while.
I had the same problem with my Nav-IV and was eager to replace it with the Nav-V knowing that if it exhibited the same problems I would quickly return it for a refund.
I've had the Nav-V since introduction with nearly 4k miles on it and have not had any MP3 or BT issues, it is a joy to use in comparison to the Nav-IV which was a waste of money.
My only small gripe wit hthe V is that even though the screen is much improved I still wish that it was brighter, although it is very usable and nice for the most part.
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