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Originally Posted by gun 4 hire View Post
Hope you have a great time at your first race ... Come back and share the details please .... 3 hrs in the mud ? Wow that's long and grueling.
Is this a Tough Mudder thing ?

All who wander sure as heck ain't lost
It was the 2014 turkey trot, a team event but my teammate had to drop out at the last minute.

So I was planning to ironman the 3 ht event. On a te610. And it had rained all night, everything was heavy and slippery clay-mud. It was probably not the best first race to choose, haha.

There was no riders meeting or anything, so I'm just wandering around waiting for my class to go. People start lining up, so off I go too. Turns out, they ate lining everybody up at once, all 40 "teams", and it would be a motocross start. Never done anything like that before, scared the crap outta me haha.

The gate dropped, and my goggles and covered, with a mouthful of mud on top of that. I'll keep my mouth closed next time.

The course started off on a motoX track and transitioned into a hilly field and then into very tight woods riding. I dumped the bike repeatedly in the first lap, wearing myself completely out. I'm not a very skilled or comfortable mud rider, on a tall heavy bike, so it was not a surprise.

I was so worn out by the time I hit the woods that I dumped it on a steep downhill (that normally isn't a problem) and got my foot jammed under the bike as it went down. Pop! there goes my ankle (a sprain, luckily) and now the bike is dumping gas on me, the hot engine and exhaust, and the ground. A petcock my IMS tank had popped out.

Eventually I jam the petcock back in somewhat, and with a little help get the heavy husky out of the woods and back to the pits.I gave up.Couldn't even do a single lap. In the dry, things would have been much different, but still a real challenge. next time I'm bringing my DT175 instead hah.

also, I rode through those tornado-producing Illinois storms on my way home. That was "fun" in its own way hah.
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