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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
I like "track up", 2D map view, no 3D shading, and the Ostereich or maybe one of the other themes. I find that the better contrast between the roads and the rest of the terrain allows me to visually grasp what I am seeing faster.

I always run 2D with Track Up, it just seems more intuitive and less complicated, it should be the default if you ask me.

Originally Posted by Hair View Post
Recently I picked up a used GS with a Nav IV mount on it. When I ask the dealer if I could buy a Nav IV unit he said that I could not and also I could not mount a Nav V unit on my Nav IV mount.

Instead he sold me an older Zumo that he had in his used equipment draw.

When mounted behind the windshield is the Zumo water proof enough such that I can be used in the rain?
Your dealer's full of beans (who'd of thunk).

Ebay's littered with Nav-IV's and the Nav-V will fit the IV's mount it's just a little tight.

Get your money back for the Zumo and get a V, you'll like it as long as it doesn't put you in the poor house.
Not for the meek.
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