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Originally Posted by enduro-ince View Post
Thanks Jeff. I think Aven is the artist and Abz is going to be the jock. Aven just told she didn't want to do ski classes this winter but instead wants to do SKART, a cool program where they ice skate for an hour then go inside and do artwork. As quirky as telluride is its got some great stuff for the kidz. Abigail is already asking to get on Aven's Oset so we will keep it (the OSET) around another couple years and see what shakes out.
The day I wrote that sappy post was extra rough because we were on our way to a memorial for a friend who lost her battle with the big C, leaving a husband and two young children behind. The night she passed we got a call to come get the younger girl so mom could be at peace for her last few hours, although we didn't know it at the time. As we sat at the dinner table across from this sweet young girl the wind really picked up out of nowhere, it was just a really nasty night all of the sudden and we knew it was some higher force coming to take our friend and this sweet little girls mom away.

fuck cancer...
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