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Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post
a big +1 for the SPOT!!!!
If you plan on tracking off the Spot service here are a couple of issues that I have ran into in the past.

Out here in the wild west Spot coverage can be spotty. If you have problems in a deep dark Canyon Spot might not tell anyone that you are even close to the canyon.
Back a few years ago I took my spot on my R90/6 (which isn't very fast) on a loop near my home. I sent a message on my spot when I was at the bottom of a canyon. The spot system did not record that message until I was out of that canyon and almost 10 miles down the road. This was with a Spot I. Same can happen near mountains. If there is no satellite in the hood. Then Spot doesn't tell you that you didn't get a message out. Because of this I like the Spot tracking offering. That way if you warn your receivers ahead of time that you location might be exact. They will most likely look in the places where the spot signal is blocked.

The other and I am assuming really important for female riders. Is this. The Spot service is a for profit company that is depending upon a free public system to act on your 911 call.
Just because you pushed the 911 call for help and you are in an area where you feel that the signal got out. Don't assume that the local rescue (team) will respond.
Case in point. A few years back we had a none local guy get into some trouble while riding the CDT. His spot signal was sent back home to people that he knew would monitor his messages. When he first got into trouble he sent calls for help. But over a day later he changed those calls to 911 calls. What he got for a response was not at all what he expected. The call came in from an area that was close to a county line. Which resulted in two county Sheriff's fighting over where he was and who responsibility it was to go and get him. Neither of them wanted to go and get him. Only when the people from back home started calling the state police did someone respond to his call for help. That took an extra day. Based upon that I would not recommend a Spot to be considered for personal safety device.

Also there are counties in Colorado that have been slammed by adventures. It drains the local resources and leaves the EMS teams unable to respond to the people who pay the taxes for the services in that county. To deal with this Counties have in-acted a local rescue insurance policy. You buy the policy when you are in the region. I have no idea how the system works. And also would not know how to get the policy number to the EMS people.

If you plan on using a Spot make sure that some of you messages get to people back home. People who are not afraid to put up a stink and forcing local EMS people to do their jobs.
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