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Well, I'm sure that's precisely what you hear, when sidling up to the teat. There's two sides to every story. No one will argue we don't need some services from the govt - the real argument should be an analysis on how much of our society, population-wise and economy-wise, should be a part of the government vs. how much should be producing and generating wealth. The greater the govt, the heavier the burden on the creaters. And with greater govt comes heavier-handed regulation and greater restrictions on freedom. Some think we need more, some think we need less. I think the former category is for those who feel incompetent to take care of themselves, and for those who like to tell others what they can and cannot do. Then there's those of us who don't like to be hassled. We need to figure out where we are as a nation, and in which direction to go in order to prosper.
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