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Pete - It is on iTunes. Search RallyBlitz

Scott - I respect your perspective on this. However, I also think there are a lot of things about this app and likely the future products to come that can add to the sport (low cost of entry, better safety, etc.) and bring a wider audience. If someone is looking to cheat or bend the rules they will find a way to do it no matter what. I'd like to think the best thing is to find out the concerns and see if there is a way to manage them through technology. Let me build a button in the app that once pushed to access other apps (for emergency options or whatever) sets a flag that the organizer can see. They could give a penalty or even DQ they person, but perhaps they still make it back faster or safer or whatever. I'm not saying that is the solution to the issue, I'm just saying that an open dialog on the concerns may result in a better solution for everyone (and MORE people participating in the sport). I certainly don't have an interest in taking away the navigation aspects of this. I first hand saw enduro racing change as the result of the enduro computers, and have no interest in Rally following that path. But I built this App partially because I wanted BIG numbers that took my eyes away from the road ahead less. I look forward to the dialog on this.

Doug - Don't Switch! I still use an android as my phone...that's what I used to record the close up video. Get on craigslist and buy a used iphone 4 for $100 or less.
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