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I think that is such a great idea...

May be you do not get to be in the big rallies (yet), but I think it opens a whole new crowd capability for new people to join races. The technology is there, the processors are way faster than any current trip device and you can do waaaay too many safety features on such a program.
Cheating. Yes of course it will be there, I am sure still people participating in rallies have their mobiles with them, so worst come to worst I have heard stories from people that got completely lost and turned on the phones with applications that can ''guide'' you back to where you came from. Cheating is mentality thing from the wrong minded people. It will be there. I see no point in cheating, but some do and will try to win whatever the cost. I am there for the adventure anyways...
For the android phones the kernel could be altered so that once this app is on, no others will run on the background. I am sure on the iphone it will be doable as well. And it is cheap as well... You could have spare iphones/androids in your backpack as well
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