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Fitting a rectifier to an R80G/S

Just updated ...

Feb 1, 2006

After a few thousand miles, the next step is to move the Enduralast over to the G/S. I contacted John and got a spare rectifier to take along on the trip. Mounting the rectifier proved unexpectedly easy. I was dreading having to fight for space under the Acerbis tank where I'd only last week managed to squeeze in an alarm system. A visit to my welder netted the simplest of solutions. After debating a bracket welded to something given the tank's hogging of all the frame space, he suggested an aluminum plate right behind the battery. That would allow the battery straps to catch the plate and provide a mounting surface for the rectifier. Since it's about as close as you can get to the battery, this seemed an excellent plan. Below is a pic of the aluminum plate. It's 5.5 X 7 inches. It sits right along the battery (which is the same size) and fits snugly between the battery box and the battery. The rectifier points backwards towards the rear fender. It's completely in the open and does not interfere with anything. I run a full toolbox under the seat, FWIW. The wiring runs downwards. Come to think of this, I should have followed the same system on my RT. I run a smaller diameter Odyssey PC 680 and there is a LOT of room at the front of the battery to do something similar.

Back in YVR after riding around the world for 2 years.
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