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Originally Posted by gregkzoo View Post
I guess im just gonna have to make reservations then. Any recommendations for LA>San Diego?
Welcome to more craziness. handles the state park reservations. Rules are:

-must be made at least 2 days in advance
-no more than 7 months in advance
-all sites for the 7th month away go on sale the 1st of the month.e.g., any site in May 2014 will go on sale November 1, 2013.

Without looking I can (almost ;) guarantee any beach state campground has no weekend availability in May 2014 at this point... There may be an odd Friday or a Saturday here or there.

People use major strategy to get these sites booked, and 8 am on the first of the month is system overload for the website and phone reservation system. I've pretty much given up trying to camp in the beach parks during the summer--it takes a major piece of luck to land a site, and a serious commitment of time to get through the reservation system.

If you're flexible to stay during the week and don't need more than one day at time in a campground you may be able to land the spots you need. And May is before the major crush of school's-out reservations during the week.

Good luck!
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