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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post

You are right, you should leave if you feel uncomfortable around someone, and your brother/travel companion should stick by you.
Hey Gas Guy,
Glad you're enjoying the read!
I did stick by Jayne's desire to leave, and encouraged her to do so. We have discussed in the past that sometimes we will have different things that we want to do/routes we want to take, and we should feel no stress in going separate ways to do so. We even had a hammock-tent sent down to us for this exact reason so we would both have shelter in such an instance.

I was committed to doing a school talk and teaching Ultimate frisbee to the kids. As you might imagine, given that we named this the "Ultimate" ride, the plan from the get go was to play as much ulti as possible along the way. I was not going to reneg on commitments revolving around the basis of this ride very easily. Jayne expressed a desire to leave, in the end she chose not to (this time around).

The school talk that we were staying for was great and I ended up getting to talk to, and run around with a couple hundred kids. I glad to get the opportunity to teach my favorite sport to so many kids in one stop.

Top to the bottom with a frisbee:
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