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Originally Posted by Box'a'bits View Post
Okay Volty, what's the plan & where did this one come from? Looks a failed Cafe Racer project? R65 or R45 (I know you had a stash of R45 parts).

Tony how are those flatslides working out for you? Did you see on the CtC we met up with Garry from Taupo who passed on his regards.
sorry volty not tying to hijack. that hardcase garry with old planes and chopper on front lawn?
flatslides pretty good strait outta the box. feels clean right thru the range but top end no better still only 180 on velocometer(note with 17" wheel/i'll fit the 18" and see wot happens)
.would the big tank affect that much? and even more strange it seems to be able to do 190 on gravel????
may have to get a new cable made up as sometimes idles too fast (taller carbs/big tank=kink)
looking at that motomart ride to coast next week ?

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