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Final Epilogue

The insurance company totaled the bike. They paid me $7500 for the bike, $6300 for damaged gear and accessories, and $3200 to get the sidecar repaired and repainted. In other words--$17,000--and they took the wrecked bike as salvage but I got to keep the wrecked sidecar to repair or not repair as I wish.

Physically, me and Kirby are fine though my leg will remain somewhat mangled-looking for the rest of my life. I'm planning on using the wrecked sidecar on a temporary basis with an inexpensive bike just so I'll have something to tool around on. Then I'll use the rest of the insurance money to put together a new rig that will be even better than WUMPA!

Serious near-death experiences do make you re-consider some of your life choices and I really thought for a while there that I might give up bikes completely. But . . . they really are fun, aren't they? And what would Kirby do for adventure if he couldn't do riding with me? So hopefully next summer we will be back up in the backcountry on three wheels.
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