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Originally Posted by rattis View Post
Having read all the G-spot stuff I thought I'd check out what happened in theNeighbours garage and happened to read through this thread.
I wrote that you should get a real bike aka a BMW instead of fooling around with this Austrian hobby bike. It turned out to be the other way around....
Your thread is toxic and contagious, I have caught the orange sickness and since then bought 2 KTM bikes, one 990 adv and one 950 SE, I still have the BMW and I will keep it as well
I now have the best of what Teutonic ingenuity can produce.
The BMW and the 950 reside in jolly olde Sweden where I reside and the 990 ADV is in Mexico awaiting my arrival for a continued trip to TdF.
Methinks that your KTM has reached to the top of the evolutional mountain.
It has been fun to read and follow.
Hadn't I squandered so much money on MC s I could have had at a six wheel drive by now.
Thanks for letting us share, so far so much fun.
That is some funny stuff. Welcome to the rowdy side. I still have a BMW and I love the brand deeply but there's just something about the KTM that is truly intoxicating. The sound, the power, the hooliganism that they promote. Yes, unless I can get Chris to CNC some 1100cc cylinders there's not much more to do - but ride it! Yeah. Finally!


PS Dear god Chris, please don't leave it outside. You have a miserable track record with things left in the lot. I do as well for that matter. Last time someone rammed a van through the locked gate, passed over a Ducati and a BMW and loaded my KTM 525 in and that was that. Maybe we can rent a drive in freezer?
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