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I remember being so mad at American Honda and how they seemed to control the sport. I was glad when Ray Blank pulled the plug in the Honda factory team and subsequently retired. I liked the new rules he so fiercely resisted. I was full of hope. What a dope I was.

Looking back, the sport collapsed when Honda and the other factory haulers left the paddock. No Honda, no fans. Amazing to me a brand name would be so important. A brand and one world famous rider... Miggy.

Originally Posted by bikerfish View Post
yeah, not long ago we would be looking forward to the December Daytona tire test, checking out the new ama grid.
Is there even a tire test anymore, yet alone an ama grid?? I'm glad for JB and all, but will Yamaha be racing against anyone? Lord I hope so, I hope the series bounces back from the oblivion it's in right now, and comes back to the world class series it used to be. In the 25+ years I've followed it, this is the scariest shape it's ever been in.
lotsa big talk about the british series, but shit, not long ago, the ama series was THE national series to be running, and all the others were a step behind. WTF????
haven't said it in a while, but fuck the ama and dmg. BASTARDS!!! they have killed the sport in this country. Please, somebody rescue it from these assholes!!!
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