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I remember being so mad at American Honda and how they seemed to control the sport. I was glad when Ray Blank pulled the plug in the Honda factory team and subsequently retired. I liked the new rules he so fiercely resisted. I was full of hope. What a dope I was.

Looking back, the sport collapsed when Honda and the other factory haulers left the paddock. No Honda, no fans. Amazing to me a brand name would be so important. A brand and one world famous rider... Miggy.
yeah, the downward spiral started when the rules changed and Honda pulled out. I've said it before, people want a show, they want the big transporters, they want famous riders, they want to feel part of something "big". It's a fact. There is close club racing all over this country, and they are usually attended by about a dozen fans each. HMMM, so when Edmonson decides to model ama pro roadracing after club racing, changing the rules and pushing out the manufacturers that brought the money, did anyone really think this was going to be a change in the right direction???? really, it was simply a matter of biting the hand that was feeding them. It also didn't help that the recession was beginning, but I don't believe that was the main cause of the failure, the series made it through hard times in the past, plenty of ways to cut back and still play the game. but this time, well, this might be for good. What I laugh at is the fact that the AMA seems content with the bang up job that dmg has been doing!! jebus man, in any other industry, they would have been fired years ago! We can only hope that someone with the money and the means comes along, sweeps up the debris, and builds a national series that the fans, riders, sponsors, etc, can be proud to be a part of, a series that once again will field world class riders to WSBK and MotoGP, a series that the world will actually take notice of, and will actually ATTRACT riders from other countries to race here. Im just glad I got to see it when it was at it's best, the late 80s- early 2000s was simply awesome to be a part of.
as for Miguel, I hated to see how his career ended. He did draw the fans, he was exciting to watch. sure, he was getting past his prime, but like a certain Italian in another series, he was a great character and no matter where he finished, people still enjoyed his presence in the sport. And then the sport shit on him.
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