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I hear what you're saying Tim, but NASCAR in those days was a small, niche sport, much like motorcycle racing is today. They would get 10,000-20,000 for a regular race (Daytona was always bigger), and made it work with those numbers.

Many more people drive cars than ride bikes, but not every car driver is a race enthusiast. I'm not sure what the ratio of car drivers interested in racing is to bike riders interested in racing, but DMG probably has a good idea. Maybe economically it doesn't work, but in the 70's and 80's tobacco and beer companies sponsored a lot of bike racing. They had to see a return on investment there.
The research has been done. There are more registered bird watchers in the U.S. than motorcyclists, and the percentage of motorcyclists who are roadracing fans is small. Everybody drives a car, very few ride. I just don't see it ever being anything other than a small, niche sport, and the financial planning needs to recognize that and work with it, which means maximizing participation from those who have a stake in motorcycling, rather than marginalizing them in the (alleged) pursuit of Fortune 500's.

Tobacco and beer companies are yesterday's Red Bull and Monster, and are a special case. They have essentially no product budget and massive marketing needs, hence the huge spends on everything that moves. I'm not sure their ROI analysis is relevant to other companies.

The series is looking especially grim, and I don't have a magic elixir for a cure. I just think a lot more work can be done by the sanctioning body to make it viable. Maybe it will still go down the terlit, but I'd rather see it go down for something other than lack of effort. The more I see of it the more it seems like a hobby of Jim France, and not being run like a stand alone business enterprise with a dedicated staff who are passionate about the state of the sport.
I'm pretty tired of hearing about Jim France, Motorcycle Fan. If it's a hobby, he needs to jump the fuck off, because it's a lot more than that to a lot of people. If it's a business, he better be grateful his pappy had some business sense . . .

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