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Thumb My Experience with the EnDuraLast System

I have had one of the EnDuraLast sytems on my hack rig all winter up here in Milwaukee and it has been doing great!
I have a 1982 R100RT with the fold-out fog/driving lights (55w ea, only one turns on at a time), a 55w headlight on the chair, as well as the extra tail/brake light, turn signals, heated grips, and my new GF has commandeered my 'lectric vest when she rides in the chair...

I can run with everything turned on above 4,000rpm with no problems.

Because I know that A/C current doesn't suffer as much loss traveling over distances, (That is why your house gets A/C current) I put my Rectifier/Regulator back by the battery. Gets it away from the heat of the engine, very short D/C path to the battery, lots of cooling air back there, and plenty of space.

The bullet connectors were all cut off and replaced with Posi-Lock connectors wherever a wire needed to be extended/joined. Same for the stator plug. They have a great solid mechanical grip, are field removable/reusable, and don't require any special tools. I have used them for quite a while in many applications with great results.

Tapped into switched power at the coils. Right out in the open and handy, and on the dual-coil models, there is even an empty terminal on top of the coil just waiting for a female blade connector to be put on! Though I may change that and take it up into the headlight shell and plug into the contact board inside of there... Get the connection out of the elements, and reduce the miniscule chance that any additional draw on the coil feed wire will affect ignition performance. But it hasn't that I have noticed...

I will try to get some pictures of my installation posted over at my site and let you all know when they are up.

Malindi - That plate looks like a good idea. Just make sure that you have countersunk fasteners on back so you don't wear a hole thru your battery case...
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