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Riding around the world has ceased to be more fun than other alternatives, at which point you change tack. I'd noticed that since I started riding, fourteen years ago, the longest ever stretch of no recorded monthly kilometers was from August till November of this year. Clearly riding around the world was not as much fun as traveling around with Christina the last few months. On top of that, I had been playing with the idea of returning to Vancouver and when I heard my previous place was vacant again, I jumped at the chance. Since I've been renting that apartment as of October, I figured it was about time to put some furniture in it and make use of it again. Not for long though, as I am leaving for Germany in January to be reunited with Christina. We'll see from there, but spending time in Bonn, Vancouver and Chiang Mai in equal parts throughout the year sounds pretty good to us.
Still a great read. I'm leaving my moto in Yokohama today to ship to Thailand. Its to bad you won't still be there, but I understand. After SEA I think a break is probably in order for me also. Again, great pictures and great report. Thank you. I wish you all the happiness life has to offer in your continued adventures.
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