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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
Hey GS Addict,

How do you make something like that? Is it done on a lathe?

I'm not even sure what a lathe does, but I've heard the term before. I really need to get a job in a machine shop for awhile. Is that where you learn stuff like this?
Yes, its done on a lathe. It's a shop tool that I can't live without.
It gets daily use.

Although I am a licensed Industrial Electrician I spent many years working in Process Control and Automation and had full access to machine shops. I was very fortunate to have had training from the old European masters who were more than willing to share what they knew if anyone showed interest.
We were also allowed to work on personal projects after hours, not common today.
I went into business 16 years ago for myself and own an electrical manufacturing company.
At 56 I now look around me and there are few young men who are interested in anything but keyboard jobs. I wonder where it will all end up. The trades in NA are shrinking.

If you get the chance to work at a machine shop, go for it. It's a pretty cool trade.
Old enough to know better....
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