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Originally Posted by bart-nz View Post
It's good to see you haven't been put off after your little mishap.

I owned a DR350 many years ago, so it was like putting on an old pair of slippers. I quickly remembered why I traded it on the DRZ400. No magic button. Being a short arse, I had problems kick starting. This bike had a few fueling issues also. It would miss and occasionaly stall on steep uphills, but Wade's aware of this and should be easy to sort.

In real terms they are the perfect 'trail' bike. Most modern bikes have gone down the MX track with ultra hard suspension and even harder seats, and agressive ergos. The 350 gives a very plush ride and the seat's like a puffy feather pillow. Power is ample for offroad. It's no feather weight, but seems well balanced. Unlike a lot of more modern bikes (DRZ400 included), you could ride this thing all day without getting remotely tired. If you don't want to be a Crusty Demon, but want to see some serious countryside, I don't think you could beat it.

Now, if it had that magic button...
Nice pics Bart. Trail riding with a bunch of mates in new country doesn't get much better than that.
+ 1 on the thoughts on the DR 350. Great bike. 6 speed box too.
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