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Lets see lets see.
Since my last typing fiesta on here a lot has happened and many countries have passed with out a mention. So perhaps a little recap is in order.

Guatemala: Did spanish school for a week. I can now say hello and thank you. So I guess that makes me pretty much fluent.
Was trying to head inland on the day I left but some how ended up on the coast and taking a crazy ferry ride.


Also had a crash which resulted in a big hole in my frame. Was not a problem here though. $3.00 to fix and about a 5 minute wait.

frame repair

El salvador: It is a bit of a blur. Surfed some waves. Meet a bunch of nice people. Shared some laughs.
At the boarder was faced with some corruption and had a fine of $1150 waved at me, for something completely made up. When I told them in no uncertain terms that I did not care that much about this trip and Canada was only some 3500kms away I was allowed to have my paper work back.

El Salvador

The El Salvadorian and honduras boarder. The place where I was stuck for many an hour, is also where I meet a fellow on another XT225. True bromance.

Dave at boarder

Honduras. Rode right on though. The small part we did see looked beautiful.


Nicaragua: Dave said he felt he had been rushing to much and not had enough adventure. So we decided to take a dirt route. The road narrowed and the path got worse, when I asked some locals if it was passible? The reply was no! So I got a second and third opinion, the answer was still NO! Well I guess my Spanish is not that great for I could have sworn they all said, the road is in perfect condition.


Stuck between a rock and a hard place

dave down hill battle
A few crashes where had, one of which could have been fatal. But with luck it was not. My board was snapped in one of them also. All in all it was a pretty wild day.

Now we are in Costa Rica. Where life is on the expansive side. My board has gone in for repair and we are in a hostel for the night. With any luck the board will be fixed tomorrow and the road will once again be ours.
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