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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
Sweet !! I had a ball! We had to stay close because TXjames is milking the last $5.25 out of his rear tire.

But TXjames , WacoDirtryder, the lawnguy81 (for the first half ) and I stomped on the terra. For those who have never seen an airhead all sideways piloted by a fella who has been doing it a long time , give yourself a treat and ride with Joe. He will amaze you on a gravel/dirt road.

We hit the big water crossings nearest to us and several old favorites before the nephew decided we needed to ride the railroad road . It is a nasty piece of work on a big bike. I have done it twice on Big Ugly and twice on KilLeR . Waaaaay easier on KilLeR. Better still when I had her geared down to "tractor".

KilLeR and I did fine on the up and downhill gnarlys but she and I hated the mile or more long foot deep large loose rock chips. My oh my. We did not like that. (James went back looking for me. I was fine . Just s l o w.) Like sand, the only way to make any progress was to stay on the throttle or the front became a uncontrollable plow. I lost momentum twice and it was a bitch. Finally found a speed that didn't scare the shit outta me but kept the plow effect to a minimum. Never in any real danger of falling, just a bitch.

I'll show y'all where it is. lol

Just rode these same roads yesterday on the KLR.
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