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Originally Posted by Sniperx View Post
Well I got in there again.

Removing the seal was much easier this time. It was definitely leaking from that seal. It was sealed all the way back there. When you remove the seal you expose a channel on top about 1/8 inch across...

...The bearing behind the seal definitely is sealed or shielded. It's made by nsk. This could be why my seal wasn't working...the oil can't clear fast enough due to the sealed bearing. It still doesn't change that the seal could contact he balls or cage...

So there's a few points here. Flush, 1.5mm, .170", 4.5mm, and to the bearing. So far (seating the seal) to the bearing doesn't seem to be universal advice. 4.5 comes from the dealer and confirmed by measuring Photos. .170 is close to 4.5mm. Flush was recommended on another forum and is obviously the bear minimum.
Important and should be in the sticky. Hopefully Steptoe will update his advice on this. I must have overlooked that oil channel on mine. I don't know why my seal which was driven all the way to the bearing isn't leaking. Could mean that I'm starving that bearing but perhaps it's sufficiently oiled from the gear side.
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