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Ban is over!

Been waiting for how long now to ask this question...
Natural selection take place yet?

Not wishing it on anyone, as it was misconstrued and what I was banned for. (making THAT clear for those who lack reading comprehension skills this time!)

The funny thing about being banned....
I could still get all the entertainment value and information I needed from this site as a viewer only parasite.

I did miss the opportunity to be able to help out a few fellows in my neck of the woods this year (including one mention of a stolen bike that I think I saw which could have been recovered)

At any rate, I've come to the conclusion that bans only really hurt those who aren't banned. L.M.A.O.!

I hope the power monger who banned me, got his thrill as a control freak...all you did was keep a minor annoyance away (me) and fuck a few active ADV members in the process.

I couldn't care less what happens now.
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