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Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
1) If you look at overall trends on ADV, let's do some statistics on the rallys. I'd say most only get 100-200 persons to rendezvous. And that means that folks are often coming from neighboring states. People aren't going to put that much effort into a movie.

2) ADV is a place for some to escape. As such, they often over commit and under show. Having to put money on the line more than the minute they are walking out the door is way.too.much.commitment.

3) The family buckets all moto events in one category. You are not with them, and it involves it a moto then you need a kitchen pass. If kitchen passes are limited, a movie probably isn't worth it.

4) It's the the time to buy the ticket, parking and a popcorn it's a $50 night for 2 persons. Cash ain't growing on trees, and the KLR needs new Shinkos.

5) Believe it or not ADV is not the center of life. Many folks may visit, or only visit certain parts of forums. And while you might believe how can someone not know about the movie, I assure you the next time you see your riding buds, someone will say "what movie?"

6) While ADV is get the movie limited exposure, what about the pirates, the squids and the other unmentionable riders? Those are the ones that you need to campaign to on a local level at a theatre near you.
I'm not blaming lack of attendance on ADV. I don't think that the word got out because there are thousands of riders in most large metropolitan areas. Only a fraction are regulars on ADV. I don't know of any way to quickly reach most of those riders. With more time we could put flyers up at motorcycle shops.

However, there are many other forums. Here in Alabama, BamaRides seems to be more active than ADV. There are also many other brand specific forums out there. I am surprised by the small number of people who reserved tickets.

It appears that in some cities the word got out and the movie sold out, in others it didn't.

As for cost, $11 bucks and change is not that expensive. There is no requirement to buy over priced pop corn and drinks.
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