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I usually ride a newer bike, 1977 R100, but last summer my son was visiting and we decided to ride a couple of my 5's to the Salem Rally. He rode a 1971 R75 and I rode a 1973 R75. We did about 1,200 miles or so, no problems except for a large rock hiding in the shade on a sharp corner, huge dent in rim but no flat. I found that on country roads I could leave the gearbox in 3rd for hours! I had done the usual pre trip maintenance items and installed some lightly used Avon Road Riders on both bikes. We rode the tires off those bikes and overall had a blast. If I were to take a longer trip the first thing I would most likely do is figure out a safer (from theft) ignition system. That's probably about it! Oh, and a comfortable seat like on my R100.
Like someone said, some maintenance and point it!
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