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hi all!

my bike seems to cough lately just when i accelerate from first gear 1500 rpm to 2300 rpm. its feels like a delay but i does makes me wonder if its anything to do with the air filter ? i have 3500 miles on my bike with the oem filter and also some one was talking about the valve check ? so do you think ?

If you've only got the OEM filter, by all reports so far, you're probably sucking dirty air. The stock airbox doesn't seal properly. You NEED the Unifilter kit. If you've done any riding in dirty conditions, you could well have dusted your motor and might have damaged valves, rings etc.

This would probably affect the whole rev range in all gears, and make the bike hard to start, so I don't think this is the cause of your problem. But regardless, you should get the updated filter ASAP.

The other possibility is it's a fueling/mapping issue. If it's only doing it in first gear in a certain rev range, I would think this more likely. But it's odd that its only started now....In any case, with that all managed by electronics, it could be anything, so you have no choice - it's off to the dealer to have it plugged into the KTM computer.

I guess there are *some* advantages to those rusty old 950 carburettors, eh?
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