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LAST day to order shirts/cups is April 11th....

THE "IN" CROWD... ....AND, Being WARPED X HDIC and in the tradition of Bluto (Animal House...) I shall give you each your super secret name to be uttered only in the hallowed womb of WARPED....

1- Yeti GS (aka "Shyster") PAID-VIP
2- RamJet (aka "DeNoober") PAID-VIP
3- CA Stu (aka "Corn Hole") PAID-VIP
4- Gerg (aka "Beir Meister") PAID-VIP
5- VFR (aka "Ground cloth") PAID-VIP
6- DSM8 (aka "Cliff Clayburn") PAID-VIP
7- Backoutonthehighway (aka "Ceegar") PAID-VIP
8- KLRrob (aka "Milk Crate") PAID-VIP
9- DzrtRacin (aka "Dirt Sandwich") PAID-VIP
10- Sopascat (aka "Brownie Angel") PAID-VIP
11- Bitwrench (aka "Hooters") PAID
12- 1224R (aka "Matchstick") PAID-VIP
13- iifke (aka "Whiskey puke") PAID-VIP
14- Shooby (aka "Beer Goggles") PAID-VIP
15- Shunka (aka "Barley King") PAID-VIP
16- FZcruzer (aka "Sleepless") PAID-VIP
17- Farrington300 (aka "Husky") PAID-VIP
18- RAZR (aka "Cream rinse"). PAID-VIP
19- Bdarling (aka "Rockstar") PAID-VIP
20- pcvance (aka "Semi-Colon") PAID-VIP
21- JStory (aka "Six Pac") PAID-VIP
22- CStory (aka "MsTolerance") PAID-VIP
23- fletch123 (aka "Tequila Blow") MIA
24- Scottmac (aka "Stitched") PAID-VIP
25- dantroop (aka "DVNoob loser") PAID-VIP
26- WayOutThere (aka "FrogBoy" ) PAID
27- jwoltz (aka "Fresno") PAID
28- lonestar2112 (aka "Bannable") PAID
29- Stoke (aka "Whine cooler") PAID-VIP
30- Bonerov (aka "Snowman") PAID-VIP
31- Mike54 (aka "The Older Mike") PAID
32- Ben Carufel. (aka "Nappy-G") PAID!!!
33- SQ Beemer (aka "Spleef") PAID
34- Dragon M (aka "Manimal") PAID-VIP
35- Number8teen (aka "Shake Weight") PAID-VIP
36- SFcootz (aka "Newspaper Dispenser) PAID-VIP
37- MojaveSidecar (aka "Tamale Exhaust") PAID
38- Sueohawk (aka "Buffalo Love") PAID-VIP
39- KevinO (aka "Fab Man") PAID-VIP
40- Ben99r1 OUT
41- AdakTriumph (aka "Swabie"). PAID-VIP
42- Conestogaman (aka "Meister Brau") PAID-VIP
43- MasterGardener (aka "Hops") PAID-VIP
44- sarathmenon (aka "Kathmandon't") PAID-VIP
45- FiveOJester (aka "Monti-Bane") PAID
46- longtallsally (aka "Foghorn") PAID-VIP
47- MsBianca (aka "Her Hotness") PAID-VIP
48- 805Gregg (aka "StromMan") PAID
49- rediRrakaD (aka "Knoxville") PAID-VIP
50- MaddBrit (aka "Limey Bastidge") PAID-VIP
51- RoadMinge (aka "Cat Fur") PAID-VIP
52- Dyvking (aka "Old Phart") PAID-VIP Dinner/Cup's on Me!!!!
53- 4critter (aka "Weaverville" ) PAID-VIP
54- Afry (aka "Dirt Pimp") PAID-VIP
55- icam427 (aka "RT") PAID-VIP
56- dunerat x 2 (aka "WTF!?") PAID-VIP
58- rampart (aka "Uber n00b") PAID-VIP
59- corndog...Will be riding in with Ca Stu...
59- rider914 (aka "Sub-Frame") PAID
60- highermath (aka "Quantum") PAID
61- SocalRob (aka "7th Gear" ) PAID
62- Californiaborn (aka "Rob-Spawn") PAID
63- Computerless (aka "Bud Man") PAID
64- Myers79 (aka "Ghost n00b" ) PAID
65- Celtman (aka "Tigger") PAID
66- 666 (aka "Evil Rooskie") PAID Note excellent timing of placement....
67- Stonewall (aka "BMF") PAID
68- BMWKev x 4 (aka "Mystery Meat") PAID
72- JPaccassi (aka "Photog") PAID
73- GreeNug (aka "YellowSnow") PAID
74- Montibank (aka "Deprivation") PAID
75- Piedralone (aka "BRP Ho") PAID
76- theredrocket 23 (aka "BunnyChaser") PAID
77- Aussie_Gringo Donde esta tu Dinero??
78- loner.....NOT PAID
80- ItsaTDM- (aka "Yoda") PAID
81- Spuds- (aka "ScooterBitch" ) PAID
82- Pierce- (aka "KermitAssasin") PAID
83- Happytrailsinc- (aka "Baggage") PAID
84- Ownst1100- (aka "BluesTraveler") PIAD
85- Condor-machinist- (aka "Hombre Sucio") PAID
86- Thebrosman x 2- (aka "BroLove") PAID
88- Storm Rider- (aka "Injunear") PAID
89- jjclrk- (aka "NoPost") PAID
90- kimboy- (aka "SnowPlow") PAID
91- ThumperX- (aka "FeralPet") PAID
92- Sito- (aka "SandWash") PAID
93- Pahana- (aka "FryMeat") PAID
94- tag3- (aka "LooseStool") PAID
95- DaFoole- (aka "FatBastard").....Suckin on the WARPED tit!!!
96- Vermon- (aka "RecluseSex") PAID
97- NSFW- (aka "Tourista") PAID
98- FYYFF- (aka "ScarPucks") PAID
99- M1Jeep- (aka "BajaHo") PAID
100- rruugger- (aka "OldTaco" ) PAID

PRICES did go UP as of March 25th. You WERE warned!!

BTW, there are NO refunds on last minute cancellations. The money will have been spent for the campground, beer, etc. This is harsh but the real world. Any refunds would come out of my it ain't gonna happen.

Life is hard.....


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