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Sorry I didn't make it all is well. I had every intention of showing up but by about 5:00 pm I was fading fast and the idea of going out into the dark cold night didn't appeal to me.

Week nights really don't work well for me since I get up for work so early I go to bed super early. For me to go out at 6:00 pm is similiar to someone getting off work at 5:00 pm and going out at 10:00 pm when they have to work the next day.

I like the idea of a month get together at the Handle Bar.

Motomedic, how are Fri. early evenings around there. Would we be able to do a Fri. at 6:00 pm type of thing. Would that work for the rest of you?
That sounds like a fun time. My daughter hits the hay around 6ish and I can sometimes convince the wife that I should have a life outside of work and child rearing (but not often).
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